6 tips for cleaning beds and furniture

11 Oct 6 tips for cleaning beds and furniture

They are some of the most used and abused items in your house.  They get slept on, stepped on, sat on and spilled on.  You probably don’t even realize it, but you spend nearly half your life on these guys.  We’re talking about your bed and furniture.  These are the items that, arguably, make your house feel like a home.  Most people spend a good deal of time picking out furniture because it’s such an important part of their lives. You need a mattress that’s comfortable and gives you a full night’s rest.  Your living room needs a sofa that’s not only fashionable and welcoming, but also great to sit on. 

But while this furniture sure looks great when it’s new,  how much effort do you put into taking care of them years later?  Washing sheets and straightening cushions certainly helps, but sometimes they just need a good ol’ fashioned deep clean. Here’s a great list of time-effective cleaning tips that will keep your beds and furniture fresh and well-maintained.


Did you know the average person sweats 8 ounces a night?  Most of that evaporates into the air, but a good portion of it soaks into the fabric of your bed.  Sleeping with a pet will add all their sweat, dirt and other unpleasantries to the mix as well.  Top that off with dead skin cells, dust mites and a horde of other unseen offenders and you’ve got yourself the perfect recipe for gross. Luckily, periodic cleaning can help you avoid build-up and even extend the life of your mattress.  Try these simple ideas to clean up all but the most difficult of stains and spills.

Vacuum fabric

Vacuuming is an effective way of taking care of dust, mites and other loose materials from the mattress

Clean with hydrogen peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide can work wonders on stains.  Mix a little with baking soda to form a paste, using either a rag or toothbrush to scrub affected areas.  

Dust with Baking Soda

Keeping baking soda in your fridge helps kill odors.  The same thing happens when you sprinkle it over your mattress. Leave in on for an hour or so, then clean it up with your vacuum. Use baking soda to soak up any moisture in the bedding.  

Regularly wash bedding

You may wash your sheets every week or so, but don’t forget about blankets, mattress pads, pillow cases and the pillows themselves.


Many of the cleaning techniques for mattresses can also be used for upholstered furniture, with a few key differences. Add a few drops of dish soap to your hydrogen peroxide/baking soda mix and stir until it’s fairly sudsy. Apply the suds across the whole surface you’re planning on cleaning (instead of just one spot).  This helps prevent unsightly water spots from forming after you clean.

While cleaning, don’t scrub too hard as this may force moisture deep into the cushion.  Instead, use a warm cloth to gently clean stains and other dirty areas. Be thorough as you scrub, working in small circles radiating outward. When you finish, dry immediately by placing a fan in front of the damp surface. 

Keep Them Clean

As you can see, taking care of your mattress and furniture isn’t all that difficult.  While some stains may require the work of a professional, most can be taken care of cheaply and efficiently.  When you regularly clean furniture it not only looks better, but lasts longer too.   All it takes is a little effort and you can keep your bed and sofa fresh and functional for years to come.

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