About Us


Crest Financial is one of the nation’s largest and fastest growing “No Credit Needed” leasing companies. Established in 2005, we’ve provided leasing to thousands of satisfied customers via numerous retail partners across the United States. We’re committed to providing more opportunity for customers, more success for retailers, more service to the community and more growth for employees than any other company in the industry.


An innovative industry leader in No Credit Needed financing, Crest Financial delivers outstanding customer service and provides instant approvals on transactions up to $5,000 using the most advanced technology, resulting in the highest rate of approved transactions in the industry. Our superior financing solutions offer flexible payment options that include In-Home Layaway™ and a 90-day buyout option on leases.


We provide families with No Credit Needed financing through selected retail partnerships.


Customer Support

Live call and live chat available

Weekdays 7am – 7pm MT

Saturday 7am – 3:30pm MT

855-55CREST (855-552-7378)

Retailer Support

Live call and live chat available

Weekdays 7am – 7pm MT

Saturday 7am – 6pm MT

Sunday 10am – 4pm MT

855-28CREST (855-282-7378)

Mailing Address

Crest Financial
61 West 13490 South
Draper UT 84020

Open all holidays excluding Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Easter



Are there costs associated with using Crest Financial for the Retailer?

Crest Financial can be 100% free of charge for any retailer. With many financing options available, retailers may choose between 0% and up to 6% financing per lease. There are no monthly fees or recurring fees for our partnered retailers.

How can my customers apply for financing with Crest Financial?

Customers may apply through integrated retailer websites or the retailer portal, which is provided upon activation. Around 70% of those customers will be instantly approved. For customers who are not automatically approved, we request additional information, either our online bank verification or copies of their paper documents, to manually process their applications.

How much can my customers be approved for through Crest Financial?

Customers may be approved from $200.00 – $5,000.00. Crest Financial leads the industry in approval amounts. Amount of approval is dependent upon factors including  income, banking history, length of employment, and verification of contact information.

How soon will my account be funded?

Crest Financial will fund your account within 24-48 hours.We fund Monday-Friday, and process leases on Saturday and Sunday to be funded on Monday.

How long is my customer’s approval good for?

Any approval is valid for the term of sixty (60) days. If an invoice is provided, the approval will be given an extended thirty (30) days. This is subject to change with electronic updates to retailers.

How can I get the Crest customer application on my website?

Crest Financial offers web-integration. For more information please contact: web@crestfinancial.com. More consumers every year are shopping and buying online. Having your website integrated with Crest will give your store 24/7 application capabilities.


In your dealer portal, click the “Marketing/Advertising” tab and click the gray button labeled, “Your Dealer Web Links”. Those links will open to your own customer application page. Send those links to your web developer and have them attach it to a button or Crest image found in your “Marketing/Advertising”

What sets Crest Financial apart from other companies?

Crest Financial strives to always provide more!

  • Brand Loyalty. We don’t have retail locations which means that we send your customers directly back to you. We are a ‘customer-first’ business and strive to protect your brand.
  • Cutting-Edge Technology. We offer instant online approvals for up to 70% of applicants, eSignature options, streamlined applications that take just minutes to complete, an app for an in-store application process, and many more features that make sales go more smoothly and efficiently.
  • Highest Approvals in the Industry. We offer approvals up to $5000 with next day funding. That’s double what our competitors offer.
  • Customer Support. At Crest Financial we provide the friendliest and most knowledgeable customer support. We offer live chat, a customer portal, and many other channels of communication so that we can help you at your convenience.
  • Free Customized POP. We provide current and customized POP material to your store free of cost! This means more loyal customers and more sales for your store.


Through the work we do everyday, we’re continually reminded of the opportunity to help those in need across the nation as well as in our own backyard. We’re proud to raise funds, donate our time, support struggling communities, and lessen the burden of those who need a helping hand. The causes and charities we support are near and dear to our hearts, and together we can bring hope, opportunity, and support to our neighbors both near and far.

Habitat for Humanity

We’re thrilled about our most recent community service project in partnership with Habitat for Humanity Utah County, which gives a boost to single-mother Tina Evans and her son, Jacob.  Tina has been wheelchair-bound since childhood as the result of a gunshot wound and subsequent amputation of her leg due to infection. Paralyzed from her waist down, Tina continues to work hard to support her son while maintaining a surprisingly positive outlook on life. In addition to a $10,000 donation, Crest employees volunteered over 800 hours to help build the Evans home, which is fully wheelchair accessible, runs on solar energy, and includes a small garden for Tina to enjoy.

Hurricane Sandy

In October 2012, Hurricane Sandy landed on the East Coast of the United States leaving massive destruction in its wake. This category three storm devastated the lives of thousands and prompted the nation to rally behind those affected. To do our part in helping those suffering the effects of the storm, Crest Financial donated funds to the American Red Cross along with several of our partner retailers. During November and December, Crest made a donation for each funded lease processed by our company.

Oklahoma Tornado Relief

On May 20, 2013, the residents of Moore, Oklahoma faced the impact and terror of a devastating tornado. The 200 mph tornado resulted in many lost homes, schools, and jobs. In order to aide the American Red Cross in their efforts, Crest worked with retailers to gather funds for the relief efforts. During June and July, a donation was made for each funded lease our retailers submitted. Thanks to the support of our retailers, Crest Financial was able to provide assistance to the enduring citizens of Moore, Oklahoma.