Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

Beat the Heat

17 Aug Cool Ways to Beat the Heat

Who doesn’t love August?  Summer is at its peak, everyone’s at the pool, and you can find a shaved ice shack on every corner.  There’s plenty to look forward to in the coming weeks, including a new school year, the start of football season, and the onset of autumn.  Unfortunately, August also tends to be really, really hot.  Many fun activities can be overlooked as you try to keep the warmer temperatures at bay.  But don’t let the heat keep you down; play it cool with these tips and enjoy the last few weeks of your summer.  

Drink more water
Skip the soda and sports drink and stick with good ol’ fashioned H2O.  While carbonated and flavored beverages may taste better and feel refreshing, they have a tendency to make you tired and sluggish.  These drinks can even increase how thirsty you are.  Instead, keep a few bottles of water in your fridge as a quick way to cool down and quench your thirst.  

Maintain your AC
A faulty air conditioning unit can cause a great deal of headaches.  One that isn’t working properly will use far more energy than needed to cool your home.  Even then, your house still won’t be as cold as it could be.  Tune up your current unit or invest in a new one for a cooler home and lower utility bills.

Use the grill
Should we really be encouraging you to eat more steak and shrimp?  Absolutely.  Cooking outside means your oven stays off inside.  When in use, ovens constantly vent heat.  This extra heat makes your AC work harder, which leads to higher utility bills. If you’re going AC free and only using fans, the added heat can become unbearable.  Solve both issues by throwing some burgers and brats on the grill.  Because isn’t that what summer’s really about?

Get out of the house
Summertime is full of fun activities you can do away from home, all while keeping cool.  Take a dip in the local swimming pool, catch up on a good read at a bookstore or library, even sip some ice cold lemonade under the leafy branches of a shady tree.  Whatever you decide, getting out of the house reduces the need to run your AC and keeps you from feeling cooped up.     

Give heat the cold shoulder with Crest
Everyone loves summer, so don’t let an old appliance keep you from loving yours.  Whether you need a new grill, fridge or AC unit, Crest Financial can help you make it happen.  Visit to learn more about our no credit needed lease program and start enjoying your summer today.   

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