Get the Most Out of Your Energy Efficient Appliance

23 Sep Get the Most Out of Your Energy Efficient Appliance

The hot months of summer have finally come to an end and fall is here at last.  With winter still a good distance off, now is the perfect time to bolster the energy efficiency of your home appliances.  From refrigerators and ovens to televisions and computers, there’s always something you can tweak to improve efficiency and trim the fat off your bills.  Whether you just bought a brand new appliance or you’re still looking, here’s a few pointers to help reduce energy usage and lower your utility costs.


This household staple can waste a lot of electricity if not well-maintained.  Optimize your fridge’s efficiency with the following tips.

Give it space
If your fridge is flush against the wall, you may want to pull it out a few inches.  The coils on the back are used to vent excess heat.  Dusting them off and giving them a little room to breathe will help decrease their workload.

Check the seals
One of the sneakier ways your fridge uses excess energy is through loose seals. Clean any food or grime from the rubber strips and check for any  warped areas.  If the door doesn’t pull closed as you’re shutting it or if you notice cold air leaking, your seals may need a replacement.

Keep it full
A well-stocked fridge does a better job  maintaining its temperature than an empty one.  Chilled food helps lower temperatures faster and prevents cold air from escaping when the door is opened.


Only using your oven when you need to can drastically reduce the amount of power used to cook your food.

Skip the preheat
Unless you’re baking or doing some other  temperature-sensitive bit of cooking, there’s really no need to preheat your oven.  Those 10-15 minutes you spend waiting for the oven to heat up can be used to get an early start on cooking that casserole.  

Use the light
Sometimes cooking in an oven requires you to open the door to check on food (meat, baking, etc.).  For all those other times, resist the urge to peek inside and use the oven light.  Whenever you open the door you’re letting heat escape, causing your oven to compensate by heating back up.   

Microwave your leftovers
Leftover pizza? Try throwing it in the microwave.  While yes, your oven cooks leftovers quite well, it also uses more than twice the energy your microwave does.  What takes 15 minutes to reheat in your oven only takes 3 in the microwave.


Televisions, computers and game consoles can all sap electricity if left on.  Prevent excess power usage with these simple tricks.

Turn out the lights
A good rule of thumb: If you don’t need them, don’t use them.  Save a few dollars by letting the sunlight brighten your house naturally during the day, and turn off any lights you’re not using at night.

Forget the screensaver
Always put your computer in sleep mode or turn it off when not in use.  Screensavers don’t actually do much saving anymore, and can actually use more electricity when running

Look for the Star

Before buying a new appliance, look for the Energy Star stamp of approval.  This little blue logo indicates an appliance that falls within the U.S. standard for energy efficiency.  Established in 1992, Energy Star has saved consumers over $362 billion dollars on utility bills.  Energy Star approved appliances typically don’t cost you any extra and are readily available from most retailers.  Visit Energy Star for details on all approved appliances.

Let Crest Financial help

Not sure where to buy an energy efficient appliance?  Crest Financial has partners across the nation.  Apply today and we’ll help you find a qualified retailer in your area.

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