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1) Checking or Savings Account      2) $1000 verifiable income per month      3) SSN or ITIN


Fill out a short online application


Receive instant approval

– If auto-approved, you will be notified
instantly of your approval amount

– If not auto-approved, additional
documents may be required


Choose from any of

our authorized retailers nationwide

Need help finding an authorized retailer?
Call: (855)-28-CREST



1) Go to and log in using your username and password.

2) Click “Add Applicant”

3) Complete application form and click “Submit”

  • If auto-approved, you will be notified of your approval
  • If NOT auto-approved, complete the prompted online bank verification

4) If you do not have online banking, or would prefer not to complete the online bank verification, please submit the following documents: 30 day bank history, most recent pay stub, voided check or BVF, copy of a state issued ID.

Need assistance? Click the “Help” tab on the top right corner after logging in, click the online chat support located on the bottom of the page to communicate with a live representative, or call our Underwriting Support at 855-282-7378.



Electronically submitted applications receive instant responses.

Would you like to try our portal for the first time? Click here to get started.

1) Print an application in English or Spanish.

2) Complete the simple application in just minutes and sign the bottom.

3) Submit the written  by email to or by fax to (855) 90CREST.


1) A Traditional Checking or Savings Bank Account

2) Income of at least $1000 per month

Self employed, SSI, retirement, pensions, and Long Term Disability are all accepted!

3) Government ID

Crest will evaluate your application based on average balances, deposits, and other information provided during ourVeriFast Automated Approvals process based on information provided to Crest by our alternative data providers.


Activate your Crest Financial store account, find out about marketing programs to help build your business, or get assistance using the online portal.
Weekdays  7am – 9pm MST
Saturday  7am – 9pm MST
Sunday 10am – 6pm MST
Phone: 855-28CREST (855-282-7378)
Fax: 855-90CREST (855-902-7378)



  • Air purifiers
  • Appliances
  • Arcade systems
  • Area rugs
  • Baby cribs
  • BBQ grills
  • Bedding
  • Bicycles
  • Car audio
  • Car video
  • Cell phones
  • Chest freezers

  • Computer packages
  • Cross-trainers
  • DVR (not monthly service)
  • Electronics
  • E-readers
  • Exercise equipment
  • Freestanding fireplaces
  • Furniture
  • Gaming systems
  • Gold equipment
  • Go-Pro cameras
  • Headphones
  • Sunglasses

  • Highchairs
  • Home alarms
  • Home decor
  • Home entertainment
  • Home surveillance
  • iPad/MP3
  • Jewelry
  • Lawn equipment
  • Mattress
  • Musical instruments
  • Navigation systems
  • Portable heaters
  • Power tools

  • Printers
  • Projectors
  • Remote start
  • Scanners
  • Skateboards/long boards
  • Skis/snowboards
  • Strollers/car seats
  • Tablets
  • Tires & rims
  • TVs
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Washer/dryers
  • Window AC units

Do you sell something that is not listed above? Contact or call 855-282-7378 EXT 3 to ask about specific merchandise.



How can I become a retailer with Crest Financial?

To apply with Crest Financial, call (855) 28CREST and speak to Retailer

Support. They will email a link containing the retailer application and retailer agreement to be completed. In addition to these documents, please send a copy of your business license, a picture of your storefront, and a copy of a voided check to

How long does it take to become a retailer with Crest Financial?

Depending on the review time of your business, the process can take 24-72 hours.

Are there any fees associated to sign up with Crest Financial?

No, there is no cost to enroll as a retailer with Crest Financial.

Are there costs associated with using Crest Financial?

Crest Financial can be 100% free of charge for any retailer. With many financing options available, retailers may choose between 0% and up to 6% financing per lease. There are no monthly fees or recurring fees for our retailers.

What types of merchandise does Crest Financial finance?

We finance durable goods such as furniture, electronics, appliances, jewelry, mattresses, etc. Click here for a complete list.

How does the process work?

Customers will fill out a short online application at your store. Around 70% of your customers will be instantly approved. Once we have the information from the invoice, customers sign the Lease Agreement electronically or manually and provide Crest Financial with it’s confirmation of delivery. Once we receive those documents, we will fund your account within 24-48 business hours.


How do I get back into my online portal if I am locked out?

Go to, select the “Retailer” tab at the top right corner, and select “Login”. Click “I can’t access my account”,”I don’t know my password,” or “I don’t know my username.” Enter your email address on file, and a temporary password or your username will be emailed to you. In the event you are still unable to log in, you can contact our Retailer Services department at (855) 28-CREST.


How do I reset my password?

On the Login screen at, click on the ‘forgot password’ link and then enter in your email address that is on file and a temporary password will be sent to that email or you can always contact our merchant support team at 855-28CREST x3.



Once I become a Crest Financial retailer, how soon can I start financing customers?

After you are approved, you can instantly start financing customers! To help you become more familiar with Crest Financial, we offer free training sessions to help you better  provide Crest Financial to your customers. Once your store is approved you will also be given online login information for your retailer portal, which allows you to stay up to date on the status of your customers’ applications.

How can my customers apply for financing with Crest Financial?

Customers may apply through integrated retailer websites or the retailer portal, which is provided upon activation. Around 70% of those customers will be instantly approved. For customers who are not automatically approved, we request additional information, either our online bank verification or copies of their paper documents, to manually process their applications.

How much can my customers be approved for through Crest Financial?

Customers may be approved from $200.00 – $5,000.00. Crest Financial leads the industry in approval amounts. Amount of approval is dependent upon factors including income, banking history, length of employment, and verification of contact information.

Where do I send my customer’s pending documents?

You can upload these documents at your own convenience through the Retailer Portal with our e-sign feature. Documents can also be emailed to or faxed to (855) 90CREST (855-902-7378).

How soon will my account be funded?

Crest Financial will initiate funding your account within 24-48 hours. Funding will be initiated on Mondays for all leases processed Saturday and Sunday.  All leases received before 1:00 PM MST on a business day will have funding initiated that same day. Our funding department is open Monday-Friday.

How can I check the status of my customer’s application?

Your online retailer portal is a great tool for staying up to date on the status of a customer’s application. You will have access to view the pending reasons, upload documents for processing, print out signing documents, and verify funding of your accounts.

How long is my customer’s approval good for?

Any approval is valid for the term of sixty (60) days. If an invoice is provided, the approval will be given an extended thirty (30) days. This is subject to change with electronic updates to retailers.

After I finalize a sale with a customer, how soon will I receive the funds?

Following approval, we request a copy of the invoice in order to create the signing documents. Once the documents are returned signed and dated, your account will typically be funded within 24-48 business hours.

How much of the financed amount will be deposited in my account?

The funded amount of a sale is the financed amount minus the selected retailer fee percentage and the application fee (if requested to be collected by the retailer on behalf of Crest Financial).

How do I change where my funds are deposited?

Email a copy of a voided check, with your printed business name, for your new bank account along with a written statement requesting the change to

What are my store’s obligations to the customer and Crest Financial?

There is no recourse to the retailer. To the best of your ability, correctly explain our financing plan and verify that all signing documents are correct and accurately signed and dated. Verify the identity of customers by checking photo ID. Once all of the final documents are signed, and your account is funded, your obligation is limited to the customer service you would provide for repairs/servicing to all customers. 

How can I get the Crest customer application on my website?

Crest Financial offers web-integration. For more information please contact: More consumers every year are shopping and buying online. Having your website integrated with Crest will give your store 24/7 application capabilities.


In your dealer portal, click the “Marketing/Advertising” tab and click the gray button labeled, “Your Dealer Web Links”. Those links will open to your own customer application page. Send those links to your web developer and have them attach it to a button or Crest image found in your “Marketing/Advertising” tab.


Crest Financial is dedicated to helping our retailers build their brand and increase sales. Once partnered with Crest Financial, retailers can rely on us for all of their advertising needs. We provide free, customized marketing materials to each retailer. For customized materials please contact your individual rep managers.