Crest Financial Provides a Better Option for Low-income Families
Crest Financial, an industry leader in “No Credit Needed” financing, offers affordable large purchase financing to low-income families who may not otherwise be able to afford such items.
Crest Financial Breaks Ground on Habitat for Humanity Project
Crest Financial joined together with Habitat for Humanity Utah County in late May to break ground for Crest’s latest community service project as part of the Crest Cares Campaign.
Crest Financial Sponsors Furniture Today’s 2015 Finance Workshop
Crest Financial is sponsoring and participating in Furniture Today’s first Finance Workshop at the Hilton Charlotte Executive Park on March 25-26, 2015.
Crest Financial Announces Move to a New Building
Crest Financial is moving its headquarters to a new location and brand new building in Salt Lake City.
Crest Financial Launches Updated Website
Crest Financial announced today the release of their updated website to provide retailers and consumers a more customized, interactive, and user-friendly experience.
Crest Financial Announces the Addition of Mobile Advertising to Its Retailer Remarketing Plan in an Effort to Protect Retailer Brand Integrity
As brand loyalty is significantly declining throughout America, Crest Financial pledges to maintain customer loyalty efforts to increase profits for partnering retailers by introducing mobile advertising.

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